Hazel and Holly is a fun accessory line for women who like to express their unique personality through fashion. We use bright colors, fun prints, and unique patterns.Every item is handcrafted and  made with quality fabrics.

If you have a favorite sport, animal, hobby or would just like to have a purse showing your unique interests this is the brand for you! We have a few different style items including purses, wristlets, makeup bags,and  travel pouches. You decide what pattern and accessory style you want and will have your own custom Hazel and Holly bag. Be different, be unique, be fashionable.

Hazel and Holly was created in in 2010 South Florida by Tiffany Joy. She has always loved the idea of couture hand made items and knew there was a market for specialty accessories. She is  a graduate from American Intercontinental University with degree in Fashion Design.

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